Business Transfer

We provide business transfer agreement which contains many items that detail the terms of the ale and the transferred goods and services. There are few ways to buy and sell a business, and a business’ organizational structure may provide additional obligations.

Business ownership can be transferred in a few way. An outright sale is an immediate transfer of ownership. This gives the seller a clean exit and the money for the company’s asset upfront. A gradual sale is a more flexible option, where the buyer’s payments are financed. According to, this is often mutually beneficial as the seller receives income from the gradual sale and the buyer doesn’t have to make an outright purchase. In addition, a lease agreement allows the temporary transfer of ownership under agreed upon conditions.

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A business transfer usually covers the transfer of the targeted business to a newly incorporated company (NewCo), so that NewCo will be transferred to the buyer. The transfer generally includes assets, employees, licences and on-going contracts.

Typically, a business transfer can be conducted via two steps.

Step 1: the seller establishes NewCo and transfers the targeted business to NewCo.

Step 2: the buyer acquires share capital to own Newco, thus owning the targeted business.




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