Social responsibilty

GiFT life donate Blood

Have you ever experienced happiness, contentment and blissfulness altogether? If not, try donating blood which could save someone’s precious life. Step ahead for an altruistic and immensely noble gesture that may fill your heart with unbound fulfillment which is not to be explained but rather to be experienced. Share love, care & compassion to let blessings make your life even more beautiful than ever before.

What could be more humane a thing than being able to gift someone wit life!

Be a kid with kids

Do you miss those childhood days? Of course, you would say. But when a little kid does some mistake, a more-mature you try to impose a set of rules and express your anger for the wrong deed. Why not simply turn into a kid when with kids and understand their small but cherishing world? This way, you will not only get to relive those precious early days but also move closer to their innocent heart.

Go ahead and mingle with these little kids by being yourself one!

Respect environment reward yourself

There has been a lot of talk about saving the environment, acquiring habits that don’t do harm to the nature, preserving the wildlife, etc. But what a human really should do is to respect the environment and nature. Holding respect will invariably stop you from taking any action that’s erroneous. It’s a gesture that every one of us should acquire in order to realize that protecting the environment is not a task or a job, but is a responsibility to be fulfilled with honesty in heart.

Nature has been very humane to us, now it’s our turn!

pledge against animal products

Animal products have so entered our daily lives that they no more seem to be a cruel act that we continue to hang on to. From wool that we peel off to silk that we make and the leather that we show off with all its dignity; we often tend to forget the painful story that form the product’s background. If we truly want to be human in all respect, just pledge against using any animal product which could bring a difference to their fading lives.

Pledge to not harm animals for a meaningless show off!

go green save trees

It is not so much for its beauty that the forest makes a claim upon men’s hearts, as for that subtle something, that quality of air that emanation from old trees, that so wonderfully changes and renews a weary spirit.

Trees are poems that earth writes upon the sky, We cut them down and turn them into paper, This we may record as our emptiness.

One tree provides enough oxygen for 5 people. Just 30 trees can absorb our full annual carbon production. Trees filter our water and soil, and fight erosion.They increase neighborhood desirability & escalate property value up to 20% & can save energy and money for heating and cooling up to 15%. Trees are the oldest living organisms on earth so grow more trees.

go green save water

What you can do to conserve water?

  • Use only as much water as you require.
    Close the taps well after use.
  • While brushing your teeth do not leave the tap running,
    open it only when you require it.
  • See that there are no leaking taps.
    Get a plumber to come in and seal all leaks.
  • Use a washing machine that does not consume too much water.
  • Do not leave the taps running while washing dishes and clothes. 
  • Install small shower heads to reduce the flow of the water.
  • Water in which the vegetables and fruits have been washed
    can be used to water the flowers and ornamental potted plants.

go green save fuel

Fuel is any material that is burned altered in Order to obtain energy and to heat or to move an object. Fuel release its energy either through combustion, or nuclear fission. An Important property of a useful fuel is that its energy can be stored to be released only when needed,And that the release is controlled in such a way that the energy can be harnessed to produce work.

Fuel Saving Tips :-

  • Slow down
  • Check your tyre pressure
  • Check your air filter
  • Accelerate with care
  • Don’t overdrive
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